Friday, 26 June 2009

Please let me get away?!?

These are the colours for, interiors for spring 2010, they remind me of the british coastline pastell like and calming.

After having a day at work that can only be described as hell, advising a woman that can not make sense of any situation she was in, I just wanted to leave and get away with the beautiful images of the red sea infront of me my 6 o'clock finish time seemed like years away. I wanted nothing more than to be clean and wash away this dreadful scenerio which I can now thank fully say I have, I want to take a look into interior trends as I have not looked at this yet.

I'm going look firstly in to the colours for spring 2010 this is scarlet opus trend prediction.

Photograph by Alicia Bock
Photograph by Alicia Bock

There is a bracing feeling of being on the brink of positive change.

The winds of change bring optimism - the ebb and flow of the tide washes away negativity of the past and delivers simplicity.

Spring Summer 2010 sets us many challenges - not only in terms of design, colour, form, balancing pattern and creating newness - but most significantly in attempting to express and produce something genuine that makes a real connection with consumers and ultimately inspires and facilitates re-evaluation and change.

This might seem like an impossible mountain to climb but we must at least begin to establish a base camp from where we can move upward. And we can start to do that during Autumn Winter 2009 / 2010. We can attempt to create conscientious design in order to motivate conscientious consumerism: offering the right product, supported and enriched by the right sentiments and intentions, at the right time.

Half Full by Alicia Bock

Half Full by Alicia Bock

Spring Summer 2010 will bring much change; a brighter perspective, new hope for the future and a determination to right wrongs. But we must lay the groundwork for this change now, leading by example, answering the concerns of consumers and offering designs, products and schemes that address their evolving wants, needs & desires.

Now is the time for individual choice, turning away from globalization and homogenization. Making our own decisions and being content with our choices: Inner Calm & Outer Confidence. Freedom.

A relaxed attitude emerges that allows us to breathe easy, free from constraints and convention.

We move forward into Spring Summer 2010 with calm determination.

Simplicity - Purity - Honesty

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

what sandals?

Just when we thought summer was all about sandals............along come these beauties

A must have for Spring

Alexander McQueen Peep-toe ankle boots

alas if only I had silly amounts of pennies to spend on shoes.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Useful links

links for research.....

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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Punk is making a comeback say it isn't so

Through out the last few days, after browsing the summer trends around town, I have noticed an reoccurring theme thought the highstreet stores.

Patriachal punk?? thought various stores such as topshop, river island, to name put a few.
However this trend is mainly seem mainly based in highstreet stores starting with items which
screams a resemblence to shirts worn in the days of sid vicious and the sex pistols

1 ASOS Reverse Union Jack Print TeeUnion Jack Silk Back TopASOS Reverse Union Jack Print TeeUnion Jack Legging

Although the most unique take on the patriachal idea has to be by a jewellery designer
by the name of "anna Lou of London"

Anna Lou of London LogoAnna Lou of London LogoAnna Lou of London LogoAnna Lou of London

Take a look at her wonderful collection I have to admit
I want all of it not to sound greedy but its wonderful.
Is this the start of a punk revolutoion I do hope so!!!
Long Live Rock and roll!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Recycling its the done thing.

After trolling through the catwalk shows pictures for the season of fall 2009 it seems to be the only designer not sticking to "sensible" fashion with designer upon design recreating the office look on the catwalks in what can only be described as a sea of black.
McQueen qives us a breath of fresh air with critiques describing his models as been over sexed dolls, however mcqueen has not totally ignored the idea of credit crunch chic despite appearances just simply taking it to a new level, is that not what we need in this time and age something to aspire to?
McQueen is recycling elegance in a way we haven't seen done before using classic dogtooth weaves within his collection and recycling the Victorian waist lines using a stage built of props from previous shows and models make up done with recycled cans and various recyclable items used for head gear it comes to the conclusion as what is waste?

With TV shows such as Mary queen of charity shops coming out with Mary Protas recycling charity shops into must stop high street shops is it finally becoming fashionable to recycle.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Are we ready for the machines to take over?

So for my summer project I have been told to look at the trends coming and present for 2009/10. To ease my self in gently I am going to start with the obvious sci-fi/ machine obsession that it just about to hit us not only at the movies but through out the fashion world/textile world which as is obviously has an effect on the music and music industry that is coming out in this season. The question I  ask are we ready for such diversity with our wardrobes or will we stick to our traditional flower prints for the summer I guess only time will tell. 

With films like terminator salvation,transformers and Star T
rek coming out design is looking more in to the fictional aspects of life as opposed the reality of recession and depression that we are currently facing, making fashion more fictional based and less realistic could this be a good thing or will we all end up looking like super heroes or some beautiful creation that Gareth Pugh has dreamt up.

Gareth Pugh Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear Gareth Pugh Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear
With design pushing  the way for change could this trend be just thing we need to change our ways of thinking. Using deep colours reflecting those circuit boards of machinery and the
glitzening silvers like things we haven't seen in a long while. for example the colours and prints used in kenzo's fall 09 collection.
<span class=<span class=

The colours are dark and
minial similar to those found in factorys and the sturcture of the garments are epic it looks the way that shoulder pads are making a come back this season.