Saturday, 6 June 2009

Are we ready for the machines to take over?

So for my summer project I have been told to look at the trends coming and present for 2009/10. To ease my self in gently I am going to start with the obvious sci-fi/ machine obsession that it just about to hit us not only at the movies but through out the fashion world/textile world which as is obviously has an effect on the music and music industry that is coming out in this season. The question I  ask are we ready for such diversity with our wardrobes or will we stick to our traditional flower prints for the summer I guess only time will tell. 

With films like terminator salvation,transformers and Star T
rek coming out design is looking more in to the fictional aspects of life as opposed the reality of recession and depression that we are currently facing, making fashion more fictional based and less realistic could this be a good thing or will we all end up looking like super heroes or some beautiful creation that Gareth Pugh has dreamt up.

Gareth Pugh Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear Gareth Pugh Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear
With design pushing  the way for change could this trend be just thing we need to change our ways of thinking. Using deep colours reflecting those circuit boards of machinery and the
glitzening silvers like things we haven't seen in a long while. for example the colours and prints used in kenzo's fall 09 collection.
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The colours are dark and
minial similar to those found in factorys and the sturcture of the garments are epic it looks the way that shoulder pads are making a come back this season.


  1. I know nothing of fashion. I am more in to fission and fusion, BUT why do designers and models do the eye make up that looks so strange? Is it for shock value?
    The ultimate goal of the model and the funky makeup is to sell clothing, so maybe it just grabs the buyers attention?
    I dunno... Insight?
    serious question.

  2. I think it just a way of making there models different from the rest, also its will be make up which fits in with the basis of the collection for example sci/fi relevance to the current trends, however the majority of the over the top make up is usually seen on haute couture models which is clothing that is rarely sold but is just a designers playing field these models and outfits are based on inspiration for what is sold.