Friday, 20 August 2010

CATH KIDSTON charity event

On Tuesday myself and My friend went to the Cath Kidston charity event supporting Marie Claire Cancer Charity.

It was an exciting event to say the least we were like children in candy shop, with constant grins and rosy checks. Spending nearly two hours deeply indulged in floral patterns, glittery strawberrys, and the cutest of primary shades. 
The representative from Marie Claire says that the whole night raised at least two nights worth of care for someone, through the ticket prices alone. Money well spent if you ask me. 

To create this wondrous event Cath Kidston teamed up with "the marvelous tea and dance company" to help create a lovely evening had by all.

Aswell as showcasing the new AW10 collection from Cath Kidston. Here as some of my favourite pieces:

All images from collection images from:

Friday, 13 August 2010


Through out my placement and numerous interviews I have come to realise that Indesign is a widely used tool within industry  however we are not taught to use it within uni. 

I have recently been using Indesign to create flyers and designs through my placement, helping promote our sales by making an online invitation for key customers. 
This is my final result after a few attempts of tweaking to get everything as perfect as possible.
 By all means please go check out the sale. 

Placement update.

I have almost been at my placement for 2 months now it has flown by. I am working with a high end jewellery designer.

Maria lau-

I think I found a new passion for jewellery unfortunately my loves are far to expensive for me to afford at the minute. Including these little gems.

Jessica Kagan Cushman
She creates Bracelets with Quirky quotes. Some of my favourites are - "Do I look fat in this bracelet?"
"Double double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble"

Hello.... sorry its been so long.

I'm currently staying on my own in Leeds, although I have to admit silly amounts of nothing to do on my days off, due to sorting out housing and job/placement arrangements. I have to admit I am falling in love with this city.

I certainly think city living is in my blood, I cant help but feel at home commuting to my placement, which is a feeling that has never happened before sadly. I am even starting to recognize the people on my everyday journey. When I give up my commute and live closer to my placement these faces will certainly be missed.

I am using my dad's mac as my laptop is dying a death, RIP. However whilst browsing his music collection it become more and more apparent how musical my upbringing has been. I've spend my day of discovering Motown classics and found a new guilty pleasure in the Eagles amongst other which are far to cheesy to name in public they most certainly are guilty pleasures.