Friday, 13 August 2010

Hello.... sorry its been so long.

I'm currently staying on my own in Leeds, although I have to admit silly amounts of nothing to do on my days off, due to sorting out housing and job/placement arrangements. I have to admit I am falling in love with this city.

I certainly think city living is in my blood, I cant help but feel at home commuting to my placement, which is a feeling that has never happened before sadly. I am even starting to recognize the people on my everyday journey. When I give up my commute and live closer to my placement these faces will certainly be missed.

I am using my dad's mac as my laptop is dying a death, RIP. However whilst browsing his music collection it become more and more apparent how musical my upbringing has been. I've spend my day of discovering Motown classics and found a new guilty pleasure in the Eagles amongst other which are far to cheesy to name in public they most certainly are guilty pleasures.

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