Friday, 30 April 2010

Reflective Journal

I believe that by doing my primary research as in going to New York and finding my own building this has helped my projects become more personal, as I have found through out the year when it comes to my design work I am generally more visually inspired, especially when in a new environment especially when researching.

When I first started my drawing I was more eager to sit down and draw as delicately which within the first project, and by visiting exhibitions I felt more inspired as opposed to researching and finding new things on paper. I was please with the final outcomes for this project, I feel I have achieved the point I wanted with my lighting prints making them layered to illustrate my building yet been quite open, air and girly to illustrate the building at its present point which is a make up shop.

Here's some unedited photos of what my lampshades look like before I had chance edit them with CAD:

By creating visual mock ups in person I found that this gave me a better idea of where my products could be used, to give my final pieces a more product effective market ideas within my cad file, after struggling to find a suitable way to stiffen my fabric this was much easier, I found my most successful method of stiffen fabric was to laminate them after I didn't want to starch my print fabrics with devore on as I was worried it may mark the fabrics.

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