Tuesday, 10 November 2009

textile horizions- reflective journal entry one.

After just completing our first project of the year, I feel I can now reflective more clearly on the year ahead. As I was optimistic about taking print for a specialism I was keen to see how my project would plan out in 2nd year.
I felt my projects had a few big ups and downs and as constantly changing, which at times I felt that hard to document.
We had influences from the trend company Scarlet Opus who was giving the brief and guiding us along the way I felt the brief was fairly open and it to me a while to grasp what was been asked for this is something I am going to work on as now getting a brief I now know to read it through thoroughly before getting in a flap about what is asked of me.
Within my market research because I was doing my own trend I found this was slightly difficult as my market kept changing as my ideas did.
On my presentation I felt nervous and didn't get all the points across i would of liked to however the experience wasn't as bad as I expected it to be and I hope this will mean I will improve as presentations become a regular routine within our briefs.

I have decided to write a blog as I felt it would be easier to reflect on all my projects in a blog rather than doing an individual journel for every project and then a separate on for everything as a whole.

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