Monday, 23 November 2009

Results- reflective journal entry 2

Today we were given our results for our first print project, I was disappointed with mine but also surprised, my first project was very hard to grasp, I felt like I didn't fully understand the brief, although my feedback suggested I did.
I got a C which is an average grade but its one of my lowest of my uni life and I hope it gives me the kick up the but I have needed to thoroughly get into my work.

On a lighter note, I feel my turner bianca project is going better, I feel more eagar to do work now I have some decent ideas, I feel, although alot of peoples work appears to be similar, I hope this doesn't impair our results.

I feel like now, I have had one set of results out the way, I know what I need to do as a whole, I am getting myself more organised, and hope to improve and get out of my printers rut that seemed to occur in my first project.

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