Sunday, 6 December 2009

Reflective journal - Breakfast in bed.

I have come up with a synopois for my current, collection relating to the trend British Eccentric set by Turner Bianca.
My synopis derives from the name of british eccentric, my concept started by looking into traditional english tearooms, how ever I became quickly became bored of the idea of drawing floral prints on tea cups and looking at floral prints.I became more interested in the objects inside a tea room, specifically cutlery and doyleys, and playing with the idea that of these objects been made up of patterns which would be orignal used as decoration or as table coverings. After researching interior trend I found that checks and tartans are quite on trend. I am currently making prints with the items used within the tearoom/kitchen to create my own tartan and checks.
My collection is based on the idea that in modern days we think as it as a luxury to have breakfast in bed, however in the past you were considered privilged to have tohe opportunity to dine in a tea room.
My collections colours will be made up of British blues, egg yoke yellow, rose tea pink, and a various of reds I have yet to think of names for.

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